All of the members of our Executive Board are active financial planning advisors and most have been with us since the beginning. As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, we asked them what aspects of our firm they were most proud of:

“Creating a place where I’ve been lucky enough to see many of our advisors launch their early practices into successful careers.”

Kyle Watkins, CFP® – Executive Officer

“Watching our advisors and the firm continually grow, despite a financial environment that was, at times, very difficult.”

Michael S. Dales, AAMS® – Executive Officer

“We’ve worked very hard to create a professional, stable, fair, and entrepreneurial environment, which strives to facilitate real value for our advisors and their families, while they’re with us and after they retire. In doing so, I feel we’ve created real value for the clients we all serve.”

Bill Bergstrom, CFP® – Executive Officer

“Our consistent record of professionalism and quality service for advisors and clients.”

John Layton, CFP® – Executive Officer

“The quality and retention of our advisors and our staff, and the consistency that gives to clients.”

Dave Heitkamp, CFP® – Executive Officer

“How we’ve grown and prospered by following our principles and a client-first process.”

John Dritz, AAMS® – Senior Officer

“I’m very proud of the work our advisors do for their clients, particularly given the global and national events they’ve had to contend with the past fifteen or so years. I’m also proud of the growth of the company, realizing the number of families we help with their financial planning needs, and having the opportunity to share in the milestones and achievements of our advisors. ”

John Bina, BFA™ – President

“I'm proud to be part of a leadership team that empowers advisors to have such a positive impact on more families than any one of us could have on our own.”

Matt Nelson, CFP®, AIF® – Executive Officer

“Seeing the leadership unify around the core principle of placing our clients’ interests first. Not just in our words but by our actions.”

Dave Beissler, CFP® – Executive Officer

“I’m proud of how our firm has been able to thrive amid varying market conditions, due in large part to the quality of our advisors and their commitment to always doing the right thing for the client.”

Walter Pickup, CFP® – Executive Officer

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