Having a strategic succession plan is key to your practice’s future success. However, not all strategies are created in the company’s best interest; therefore, it’s important that you partner with the industry experts at Focus Financial who will listen to your goals, understand your business’s needs, and help you build a successful business plan that ensures greater brand loyalty and improves customer retention.


Every financial practice is unique, and we tailor each purchase and approach to your individual situation. We have helped financial firms in the past and will continue to help others achieve success in the future. We have purchased practices both inside and outside of Focus Financial, so we understand the complexities of buy-sell agreements and the professional evaluation of company assets. Trust us to be your partner and professional advocate for your company’s future.

  • We have the documents, financing options, knowledge, and industry expertise to complete these plans on your behalf
  • We have qualified, interested buyers
  • We have the experience and we are good at this
  • We want to help you

Contact Focus Financial

Set your financial planning business up for continued success today! For strategic succession planning, contact the experts at Focus Financial, or visit our advisor resource page to find the services you need to help grow your company.

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