Advisors in the Focus Financial Network draw on their professional skills and years of experience when tailoring financial plans specific to your life circumstances. And when reviewing investment portfolios or providing retirement planning advice, it’s all done with an eye toward understanding and achieving your purposes and goals.

We are proud of the lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients – relationships earned through trust and built on our commitment to putting clients first.

At our core remains the simple idea on which our firm was founded so many years ago:

Support Advisors and Serve Clients. Better.

Our Values

Focus Financial was built upon the concept that by supporting individual financial advisors, we would help them better serve their clients. This simple idea remains at the core of our financial planning firm and perfectly compliments our three guiding values:


By being independent, advisors are free to provide expert financial planning services in the best interest of each client and aligned with their specific goals.


Earn the mutual trust of every client and colleague by maintaining the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.


Focus Financial advisors are always learning and continually seek opportunities to provide clients with individualized service and greater value.


By creating and developing partnerships with community leaders and industry peers, Focus Financial continually strengthens its commitment to our network advisors and their clients. Learn about these partnerships and how they may benefit your financial planning goals:


In partnership with Best Prep, a statewide nonprofit organization, our financial advisors volunteer in classrooms across the Twin Cities to provide hands-on learning experiences to students about financial management.


Our trusted broker Royal Alliance Associates, a member of the nation’s largest networks of independent financial advisors, plays an essential role in our investment management services, as they trade securities on behalf of our clients.

Financial Planning

Whether you’re saving for retirement or starting a family, trust our independent financial advisors to help you plan for success.

Asset Management

Using strategic portfolio management, our financial advisors will help you make the right investments to achieve your financial goals.

Financial Education

Let us help you educate your family and employees on how to build a strong foundation for better financial health.

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