Bill Bergstrom


With over twenty-five years of experience in the financial industry, Bill specializes in retirement and estate planning for high net worth individuals. In 2006, he was named one of the Top 25 Wealth Advisors in Minnesota, published in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal*. Bill is one of the Executive Officers and current board members of Focus Financial acting as a liaison between the President and the Board of Directors. Bill is also an active member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). He graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth in 1981 with a B.A. degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics.

Services & Experience:

I specialize in working with people who are in retirement or approaching retirement supporting them in creating strategies to reduce risk in their portfolios and generate income. Many people that are retiring or are retired have an array of financial professionals they work with (accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, and stock brokers) that do not coordinate services or strategies creating financial efficiencies. My job, as their financial advisor, is to assess and evaluate all of these aspects of their financial picture.

After understanding the goals of my clients, I recommend, help them decide on, and implement strategies on the best way to help achieve their goals. I implement these suggested strategies through a financial planning process which can include: asset management services, retirement timing issues, portfolio income generation, stock options and deferred compensation strategies, gifting, insurance, estate planning, nursing home attachment, asset ownership issues, income tax reduction issues. This process, in most instances, may result in a more comprehensive coordination of services which usually results in financial efficiencies and cost reductions.

In summary, I support my clients through three phases: First, I assess, analyze and evaluate all pieces of their financial picture and develop a financial plan with a strategy. Second, I support in the implementation and execution of the plan we have agreed upon. Third, I continue to monitor and track their financial plan. I use my independent status to gain access to what I think are among the best products in the marketplace to help achieve my clients objectives.


1300 Godward St. NE
Suite 5500
Minneapolis MN 55413