Mike Dales


In 1993, Mike co-founded Focus Financial. He has been in the financial industry for over thirty years and specializes in estate and retirement planning. Mike’s primary role is managing the company’s work site financial education program known as InSite Financial Education. Mike has educated thousands of employees at some of Minnesota’s top corporations and organizations on comprehensive financial planning concepts and techniques. He was educated at the University of Minnesota majoring in Political Science and is a regular speaker at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business. Mike earned the designation, Accredited Asset Management Specialists (AAMS®) through the College for Financial Planning and its Institute for Wealth Management in Denver Colorado.

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Services & Experience:

As an independent financial advisor, I specialize in working with individuals who are approaching retirement age or are already retired and are in need of comprehensive solutions to help reduce risk and to help produce retirement income. I accomplish this through a comprehensive financial planning process that addresses the following areas:

  • Portfolio design Investment selection and management.
  • Designing, with your CPA, tax-efficient cash flow and investment strategies.
  • Retirement cash flow planning.
  • Awareness of deadlines and contribution limits for retirement accounts and required minimum distributions.
  • Life, health, disability and long-term care risk management.
  • Maximize retirement and insurance benefits offered by your employer, including 401k allocation.
  • Will and trust issues, then working with estate attorneys to provide seamless implementation and distribution of your estate.

Ongoing Service Policy – We meet at a minimum once per year for a comprehensive annual service appointment. In addition, we will be in contact via phone or e-mail throughout the year as different issues arise.

We update your financial information annually prior to your service appointment.

  1. Three items are reviewed at your annual service appointment:
  2. Portfolio Rebalancing – taking into account all the information provided to us prior to your service appointment.
  3. Goal Tracking – an assessment of your progress toward your goals. This assessment is based on the information provided to us prior to your service appointment.
    Annual Action Item List – A checklist of the items you will want to address over the year to maximize the financial opportunities available to you.

Fees – Initial consultation is complimentary and the purpose is to discuss the possibilities for an ongoing relationship, and how best to structure payment for services.


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