Why Do I Need A Financial Plan?

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, nor should you build a life without comprehensive financial planning. Your financial plan serves as a strategy to organize your financial picture and a financial planner will keep you on track towards achieving your goals.

A Dedicated Financial Planner Helps You:

  • Understand how your financial and personal goals are related
  • Balance and manage competing financial priorities
  • Decide how to prioritize your goals
  • Implement specific tactics and strategies
  • Select suitable products and services

Independent financial advice is key to developing a partnership with mutual, lasting value. By working with an independent financial advisor, you are free from having to use one particular product over another. At our financial planning firm, we empower our independent financial advisors by giving them the freedom to focus on creating a plan and providing advice uniquely tailored to your specific goals and objectives.
Managing your portfolio of assets is a task you shouldn’t give to just anyone. You need someone you can trust to consistently make wise financial management decisions on your behalf. Free from any proprietary products and pressures, our independent financial advisors are able to work solely in your best interest and serve as your personal asset manager.

The experienced knowledge and guidance of a financial planning advisor will help you avoid making costly financial management mistakes. Successful asset management doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does require a consistently professional oversight that only a personal asset manager can provide.

Asset management often includes the coordination of your other professional contacts, such as attorneys and accountants. Your asset manager will act as an intermediary to keep all parties on track towards achieving your financial planning goals.

Independent retirement planning advice is just as important for businesses as it is for individuals. An independent financial advisor will work to understand the specific needs of your company and employees and keep you on track to achieve the retirement planning goals. Working with our independent retirement plan specialists gives you access to quality financial products and an ally to help navigate you through the financial retirement planning process. What are The Benefits of Financial Education for Your Business
  • Educated employees are more likely to contribute to their retirement plan accounts, helping employers to meet nondiscrimination testing rules, avoid penalties, and allowing highly compensated employees to participate in fully qualified plans.
  • Providing financial education can improve employee retention and recruitment.
  • Financially stressed employees are less productive, costing businesses an average of $450 per employee per year in lost time.*
  • Employer-sponsored financial education provides a valuable benefit with little time or monetary investment.
  • Employee Benefits:
  • Receiving a realistic assessment of their future financial needs and ways to help meet them.
  • Understanding the complexities of financial planning, and knowing they have a resource to go to when questions arise.
  • Provides a better comprehension and appreciation for the employer-sponsored retirement plan and additional benefits.
*Source: E. Thomas Garman, Fellow and Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech University.

The independent financial advisors at our financial planning firm are business owners just like you! They understand the many challenges employers face and can provide individualized financial solutions for your business and employees. Find a financial advisor to work with you to optimize your business’s financial planning needs and guide you towards achieving your goals.


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