What Hasn’t Changed in 20 Years

Focus Financial celebrated 20 years of service to its advisors and clients this year.

Here’s a quick look at what has changed, and what hasn’t, through the eyes of two of our leaders.

What Has Changed

John Bina, President: The amount of white noise our clients hear today is far and above any other distraction. In addition, the speed in which the white noise gets to them is overwhelming. Most of the time, the white noise causes us to question our financial plan or the decisions we’re making. Ultimately, 9 times out of 10, what’s happening in the white noise has no immediate affect on what we’re doing day in and day out with clients. That’s why I believe it’s so important for clients to have an advisor they know is working as an advocate for them. Someone to either hold their hands, of cuff them if the circumstance applies.

Bill Bergstrom, Executive Officer & CFP®: Technology that works for advisors to the benefit of clients has made tremendous leaps and bounds. Thinking back, my first CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) was a good old fashioned box of index cards. Great service is one of the most important gifts an advisor can give their clients and by keeping up to date on not only their financial lives, but also their personal, we can build the trustworthy relationships that create mutual, lasting value over the lifetime of a client’s financial plan.

What Hasn’t Changed

John Bina, President: Despite all the access to online planning tools, there will always be a need for trustworthy, comprehensive financial planning advice. It’s why our founders created Focus Financial 20 years ago, so we could offer advisors the chance to be independent in their choices for their clients, which builds the trust in the fiduciary relationship between an advisor and a client. Relationships are the essence of our business, and the importance of that hasn’t changed.

Bill Bergstrom, Executive Officer & CFP®: The need for great service and expertise. Planning software only tells people where they are “going to be,” not what to do. An experienced advisor can guide and direct their clients through the “what to do,” and this is reflected in an advisor’s knowledge of specific strategies, techniques, and the general nuances of financial planning that can help clients achieve their goals.

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