5 Quick Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

We recently hosted a presentation by Retired FBI Special Agent, Jeff Lanza, with information on how to protect your identity and prevent fraud. After 20 years as investigating corruption, fraud, and the mob, Mr. Lanza has dedicated his retirement to sharing knowledge and insights.

Tip #1: Officially sign out of your social media accounts.

Tip #2: Use passwords with at least 8 characters. It only takes a computer hacking program 10 minutes to crack a password with 6 characters.

Tip #3: Separate your passwords across your social online activities and your banking and finance online activities.

Tip #4: Use a cross‐cut shredder for your confidential trash. Standard shredders are strip‐only shredders and the strips can be manually rejoined to be configured by a computer program.

Tip #5: Protect your Wi‐Fi with a strong password and a WPA encryption.

For more tips, we’re pleased to be able to provide you with Mr. Lanza’s handouts: Simple Safeguards and Protecting Your Family in the Information Age.

Our thanks to Jeff Lanza, and to Nationwide Insurance for supporting this dynamic and informative presentation.




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