It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Move

Is 2018 the year for your next move? Whether you’re moving to a new state for your dream job, adding more rooms for an expanding family, or downsizing now that the kids have moved out, the process of moving is rarely simple or quick. However, working with independent financial advisors – and getting started sooner than later – can make this move your easiest one yet.

Review Your Credit

While keeping an eye on your credit score is always wise for financial management, it’s especially important when buying a home. If you have concerns or want to raise your score to get the best mortgage options, start working with a financial planning advisor on a strategy at least six months before applying for mortgages.

Determine Your Budget

Getting prequalified for a mortgage is one of the best ways to determine your budget for a home. However, there are almost always other important factors to consider. Talk to your financial planning expert about short and long-term planning and setting a suitable budget.

Navigate Your Mortgage

It’s wise to understand your personal needs, wants, and overarching finance goals before choosing a mortgage. Your independent financial planner can help you select the mortgage that best fits with your goals – and can assist with paperwork to get everything finalized.

Home buying is a juggling act of priorities, and it’s difficult to choose the best options without a clear financial plan. Find a financial advisor who aligns with your needs and goals and can help you through major life milestones like buying or selling a home. From investment and asset management to college and retirement planning advice, Focus Financial is here to help.

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