Work with our Financial Planning Firm to Improve Employee Education

Beyond providing financial planning services to individuals, Focus Financial is committed to helping business owners elevate their company and support, educate, and retain excellent employees. One way we do this is by giving your employees a valuable, lasting experience with our InSite™ Education Program.

How InSite™ Helps Your People

This program provides general education on a number of financial management topics and can help your employees better understand and control their personal finances. However, Focus Financial goes one step further. All session attendees get individual attention from financial planning advisors who answer your team’s questions, review their current financial situations, and help them set goals.

How InSite™ Helps Your Company

Education and supportive services can be a great way to strengthen employee retention and attract fantastic candidates. Additionally, your employees will have a better understanding of and appreciation for the financial benefits you provide. This can help you meet best practice standards and enjoy more productive employees.

With InSite™, you can choose from a wide range of seminar topics:

  • Retirement Plan Services
  • Tax Strategies
  • Investment Management
  • College Funding
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Asset Management
  • And more at your request!

Meet our financial planning firm over lunch, in evening sessions, or in whatever way best fits your needs. We’re happy to customize these sessions to your company and employees. To request a workshop, determine what you’d like to learn about and how you’d like the information presented, and get in contact with our program director to schedule a time. We’ll provide materials for you to distribute and you can send the invitation out to your employees!


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