Finances and Fiancés – What to Know Before You Get Married

If you’re recently engaged or planning to pop the question soon, congratulations! The months leading up to a wedding can be very exciting, but are also filled with a lot of planning. One of the most essential conversations you can have before saying “I do” is one that many couples put off for too long – the money talk.

If you haven’t already talked about finances or you’re worried it could put a damper on upcoming celebrations, consider meeting with an independent financial advisor. They can walk you through the right questions and focus on a strong plan for the future that accommodates your individual situations. Make sure you include the following in your discussions with your future spouse and financial planner:

Where are you at now?

Like any major financial planning discussion, it’s important to first take stock of your current position. While not as fun as picking out a cake, this conversation is vital to future financial health. It’s necessary to be honest about debt, credit scores, investments, and net worth.

Where do you want to go?

Having aligned values and goals is essential to any relationship, and that’s especially true with finances. Are you and your partner savers or spenders? Do you have big purchases coming up, like a new home or home renovations? How do you feel about charitable giving? What do you want retirement to look like?

How will you get there?

Figuring out the actual steps to get from where you are now to where you both want to be, and all of the details that come with those steps, is where working with an independent financial advisor can be incredibly helpful. From asset management and investment planning to retirement planning advice and tax implications, Focus Financial helps you find a financial advisor who can make these discussions straightforward and positive.

While we can’t speak to the flowers or the color scheme, Focus Financial is ready to support you as you join your two lives together by helping you make smart financial decisions. Browse our directory to find an independent financial advisor who is right for you.

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