Beyond Stocks and Your 401(k) – How We Help

When you think of financial management, you probably think of stocks, asset management, and retirement plan services – the technical side of personal finance. While those are certainly areas where an independent financial planner can help, their experience extends far beyond the “technical.” Your advisor can support and guide you on major life decisions about home ownership, insurance needs, college planning, and much more.

Financial planning advisors are experts at balance, helping you prioritize, plan, and act correctly to successfully meet your financial and personal goals. Be sure to ask for their help when:


You Want to Buy a House

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial expenditures you’ll make in your life. Partner with an experienced financial planning firm to ensure you’re making a smart investment and using options to your advantage!


You Need Insurance

Many financial advisors have deep knowledge of insurance options, from life and disability insurance to long-term care insurance and general healthcare insurance.


You’re Sending Her to College

Like a house, college is often a major life expense. An investment planning expert can give you the tools and resources you need to choose the right financing options.


You Want to Give Back

Giving to or starting a charitable fund? Good for you! Make sure you’re making the decisions that maximize your impact by carefully weighing your options (and their impact on your taxes).


You’re Switching Jobs

When you move positions or companies, you change more than your office location and job responsibilities. A financial planner can help you navigate severance packages, stock options, insurance transitions, and more.


You’re Thinking of the Future

From life insurance and long-term care to estate planning and social security, it’s never too early to create a forward-thinking financial plan.


Any time you are making major life decisions, you’re likely dealing with major financial implications. Our independent financial advisors always put you and your needs first – “independent” means they aren’t getting paid to push specific products or services. Instead, they are able to provide you with a custom blueprint that shows how to make the decisions that are in your best interest. Find a financial advisor today to start making your long-term plan!

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