5 Advantages of Hiring an Asset Management Company

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For individuals and business owners, managing your financial assets is a complicated process, whether you’re investing in the stock market, bonds, or real estate. But when it comes to balancing your financial portfolio, you want to ensure that all your investments align strategically with your long-term goals, leading you on a path to a prosperous (and happy) future. 

Rather than basing decisions on quick tips or gut instinct (which often leads to financial loss), your approach to asset management should help position you to migrate risk and reflect current market trends, historic indexes, and other essential data that can impact your financial future. 

The good news? You never need to go at financial asset management alone. With the right team of financial experts by your side, you can avoid costly mistakes that set you back from reaching your goals and enjoying the type of carefree retirement lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

What Is Financial Asset Management?

In its simplest definition, financial asset management is when an outside expert (a certified asset manager) steps in to help you manage your investments on an long-term basis: 

The role of an asset manager consists of determining what investments to make, or avoid, that will grow a client’s portfolio…This includes statistical analysis of the prevailing market trends, interviews with company officials, and anything else that would aid in achieving the stated goal of client asset appreciation. Most commonly, the advisor will invest in products such as equity, fixed income, real estate, commodities, alternative investments and mutual funds (Investopedia). 

Hiring an asset management company, like Focus Financial, allows you to focus on your present while our experts put your capital to work for your future. We’ll discuss your goals, evaluate any potential risks, and reallocate your investment portfolio, so that it places you in the best possible position, based on your preferences. 

Need to Hire an Experienced Asset Manager? 

Here are 5 advantages you can expect from working with Focus Financial:

  1. Save Time: Smart investing requires paying “a lot” of attention, which in turn, takes time and energy away from the people and activities you love. By utilizing our asset management services, you’ll be outsourcing the confusion, time-consuming management to an independent advisor who never makes decisions without first conducting thorough research, practicing industry best practices, and utilizing leading analytic tools and data.  
  2. Seamlessly Coordinate Contacts: Managing assets may require coordinating between your accountant and attorney, the latter of whom can help with regulatory compliance issues. At Focus Financial, we serve as an intermediary between these two parties, so you can ensure that everyone involved with your financial portfolio is connected and working together to help you achieve the same goals. 
  3. Minimize Mistakes: While investing does involve some level of risk, utilizing a successful asset management service can help you minimize the possibility of financial loss. Independent asset managers not only use their prior experience to help you make smart decisions, but they also perform in-depth statistical analysis that examines current market trends to ensure every investment on your behalf is made in your best interest.
  4. Be Empowered: You can rest easy knowing that all financial decisions that affect your portfolio are made in your best interest, as we do not rely on any proprietary products or outside pressures.
  5. Feel Good about the Future: Working with a trusted party to help manage your financial portfolio means less stress for you. At Focus Financial, we work to keep our clients informed and educated on potential opportunities and returns on investment, thus giving you peace of mind and a say in important decisions that will affect your financial future. 

Trust Focus Financial with Your Asset Management

Take the first step toward your future with Focus Financial. Our team of advisors offer the skills, market insight, and data-driven tools to set you up for success today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life! To find an advisor near you, simply enter in your zip code. If you’d like to talk to a financial expert about getting started with our individual or business services, including retirement planning and financial education, contact us today!

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