Three Things to Consider When Estate Planning Comes Up

The holidays are a time to celebrate loved ones and enjoy happy memories. Thoughts of the future also often come up this time of year as we watch our families grow. As you consider the future, remember one of your greatest resources for the years to come – an independent financial planner.

With the right support, important estate planning doesn’t have to be difficult or unpleasant. Here are three ways a financial planning advisor can make preparing for the future a little easier:

Figuring Out the Right Timing

Estate planning may not be immediately necessary depending on your age and health, but there are benefits to addressing it sooner than later. Outside of simply deciding “who gets what,” estate planning fits into the larger picture of retirement planning services and asset management. Independent financial advisors can help from identifying overarching goals to considering the smallest details so that your estate planning happens at the right time and in the right way for your financial health.

Keeping It Easy and Organized

Asset management and allocation, property and wealth distribution, taxes, gifts, trusts, business interests – estate planning tackles a lot of topics. When you find a financial advisor, you not only gain expert guidance, but an organized way of tracking your information and decisions. When the time comes, your family and loved one will appreciate a clear plan, and you will know that your requests have been fulfilled.

Gaining Peace of Mind

Estate planning doesn’t always mean just making one plan. Options for retirement financial planning and the potential for disability can create many unknowns. By working with a financial management expert, you’ll be prepared with a plan that is flexible, yet sticks to your values and goals. It’s just one less thing you – and your family – have to worry about.

Don’t put off this important part of financial planning. Learn more about our financial planning services online, or find a financial advisor in our directory. Your plan should reflect your goals – let Focus Financial connect you with the resources and expert guidance you need!

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