Questions to Ask Your Financial Planning Advisor Before Getting Started

Finding the right financial advisor is a search that should not be solely left up to Google. While it may be easy to find any number of financial management companies near you, locating the right investment advisor is a process that should take a good amount of time and research. After all, this is the person that will help you arrange your finances today and prepare for your family’s financial future. Google is great at finding most things however, a financial planning advisor should not be one of them.

Here at Focus Financial, maintain a great relationship between our investment advisors and clients always comes first. We encourage our clients to ask some questions when first getting to know us in order to make sure that we are the right fit. Below are a few questions you should always ask when meeting with a financial planning advisor for the first time:


Are You a Fiduciary?

Fiduciaries are required to act in ways that serve their clients best interest at the time and in the future. This helps ensure that your advisor is always providing financial planning services and advice in your best interests and not their own. Focus Financial is proud to say that all of our financial advisors act as fiduciaries.

How Do You Get Paid and What Other Costs Might I Incur?

It’s important to fully understand the fee structure of your potential investment advisor before hiring them. A financial planning advisor should explain which portion of a fee is paid to the asset management company and which is paid to the advisor. Be sure to ask upfront about any other potential costs you may incur while working with them.

How Often and How Do You Communicate with Your Clients?

Find out if your potential financial advisor will actively communicate with you regarding investment options and id there are any investment management resources they regularly provide to their clients.


Now that you know what to ask, find a financial advisor near you and set up a meeting today. Focus Financial’s team of independent financial advisors is eager to set up a meeting with you!

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