Think You Have a Healthy Financial Plan? Think Again.

Take a moment to think about the health of your financial plan. Is it growing stronger over time and delivering the results you expect? Is it flat lining and showing little potential for the future? Just like maintaining our own health, the health of our financial management requires regular checkups with a professional to avoid unexpected downfalls. Acting proactively is the best way to ensure you reach your long term goals, both in your physical health and in your financial health. But have you ever considered getting a second opinion on the health of your financial plan?

Many investors find an investment advisor and stick with them through much of their life. This approach is often a more comfortable way to go about financial planning and they rarely think of looking elsewhere for advice. However, becoming too comfortable with your financial and asset management can lead to less than optimal results. In fact, if your trusted financial advisor is not a fiduciary or a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC, they may not be required to put your interests above their own. In these situations, a second opinion on your investment planning can make all the difference.

How to Seek a Financial Planning Second Opinion:

  1. Locate a wealth management company, like Focus Financial, with financial planning advisors who serve as fiduciaries for their clients.
  2. Research the company’s website and find an independent financial advisor that is located near you.
  3. Contact the financial advisor and schedule an appointment. Let him or her know you are seeking a financial planning second opinion and ask if they are a fiduciary or Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC.
  4. Come prepared to the meeting to discuss your current investment portfolio and goals.
  5. After the meeting, evaluate the opinions of the financial advisor and decide if they align with your current investment management


The Financial Advisors at Focus Financial are eager to provide you with an objective second opinion on your finances and investment plans. As fiduciaries, each Focus Financial advisor is required to put the future of your financial interests above their own and will provide you with professional and unbiased advice.

Find an independent financial advisor in Focus Financial’s network and schedule your financial planning second opinion today!

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