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Tracey Simonson, CFP®, believes you should have a plan. After more than 28 years in financial services, having a plan has shown itself time and time again to be the key in financial independence for Tracey’s clients. However, having a plan is easier said than done, and that’s why Tracey works hard to earn her clients’ trust by showcasing her experience, expertise, and her approach.

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Tracey encourages her clients to embrace her vision of financial planning:

Plan – Focus – Achieve

PLAN: Get Organized and Set the Course.

  • Tracey and her support team work to understand where you are now, and where you want to go. Knowing that, it’s much easier to lay out the path for how to get there, and Tracey uses a variety of tools to help pull all the pieces together.

FOCUS: Stay on the Path.

  • Tracey’s experience and expertise will guide you on your financial planning journey. She’ll be able to answer your questions along the way, and offer specific insights because of her extensive training and years of service in the industry.

ACHIEVE: Realizing the Success.

  • Together with Tracey, you’ll look back and see where you came from and know that what you have now was all possible because you chose to work with a financial advisor who believes firmly in the importance of starting with a plan.

Services & Client Experience

Tracey specializes in Investment Management, Retirement Planning, and Financial Education. Contact The Simonson Group today to schedule your complimentary financial review!


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