Chuck Anderson

Financial Advisor

About Chuck

Chuck values his practice of building long lasting relationship with his clients. He greatly appreciates the opportunity to help manage, achieve, and protect all of his clients’ financial goals and successes. He entered the financial planning industry and joined Focus Financial in 1999. Chuck believes that Financial Planning really is the foundation from which a customized investment plan is built upon.

In addition, Chuck also focuses on preserving assets by reviewing insurance strategies that help protect his clients from the unexpected. Most of all, he adores his wife, Carol, and his three daughters, Karley, Kaitlyn, and Hannah.

Services & Experiences

Chuck and his team are committed to delivering excellent service and advice to each individual client. This is accomplished by:

Personalized Financial Planning
Clients receive a comprehensive analysis that identifies current and future progress towards all pertinent financial goals and risk management.
Independent Solutions
As the financial analysis shows progress towards financial goals; independent solutions are gathered from the financial and insurance industry’s offerings. Ideas and strategies are then presented for consideration and implementation.
Ongoing Monitoring and Review
As a client/advisor relationship is established, it is critically important that ongoing review and monitoring take place. Financial changes occur in our lives and certainly adjustments take place in our economy and stock market. Ongoing evaluation and adjustment provide us with the greatest opportunity for maximizing efficiency and balance going forward.
Health Insurance
Given the increasing expenses of health care costs and insurance, Chuck has become a knowledgeable resource in assisting individuals and small business owners evaluate, explore, and maintain cost effective health insurance programs. These health insurance solutions include, short term, permanent, Health Savings Accounts, and Medicare supplement plans.
Asset Preservation
To help clients meet their financial goals and preserve their assets he offers insurance expertise. This includes helping individuals with life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance.


1300 Godward St NE
Suite 5500
Minneapolis MN 55413