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Benefits of the Different Types of Annuities

For those looking to safeguard their retirement without having to directly weather the eb and flow of the stock market, investing in annuities can guarantee future income for you and—in some cases—your spouse or beneficiaries. Just like with any investment, it’s important to understand the different types of annuities along with their benefits and risks, […]

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Stocks vs. Bonds: What’s the Difference?

Investing your hard-earned money into portfolio investments like stocks and bonds can feel intimidating, as there’s no guarantee you’ll receive a return on your investment. And there’s also the chance you may lose your initial investment, as well. In the realm of financials investments, there will always be risk involved, yet investments are still powerful […]

Financial Planning for Young Families

Financial Planning for Young Families

Whether you’re newlyweds, have been married for years, or are just about to welcome a new addition to the family, planning for your financial future is of the utmost importance. Financial planning for young families is not only vital in preparing for life’s many curveballs, but it’s also what will provide you peace of mind […]

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Which Types of Financial Planning Services Are Right for Your Business?

As a small business owner, you understand the significance of planning ahead for the future and the power of delegation; however, most entrepreneurs struggle to seek the expertise and advice of a financial planning advisor simply because they’re unaware of what types of financial planning services could benefit their business. By meeting with a financial […]

Best ways to spend your tax return

Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

With tax season come and gone, many of us may have received a nice, shiny lump sum for overpaying taxes. It’s far too easy to think of a tax refund as a shopping spree allowance, and while that is one way you could spend your tax return, it’s much more financially beneficial to spend the […]

Combining bank accounts after marriage

First Year of Marriage? How to Effectively Combine Bank Accounts

Perhaps most traditionally, couples combine bank accounts during marriage, but for some, the thought of relinquishing your personal bank account may cause you to cringe. Instead, try to think of combining finances with your spouse as a means of strengthening your financial health and freedom—allowing you to work together as a team to tackle debts, […]

Refinancing my student loans

Will Refinancing My Student Loans Hurt My Credit?

Managing student loan payments after graduation can be overwhelming, and it’s sometimes difficult to see light at the end of the loan tunnel, especially when it feels like you’re making little headway on your repayments. For many of college grads, the potential to reduce your monthly loan payments or interest rates is not only appealing, […]

how to charge clients correctly for your contract services

How to Charge Clients Correctly for Your Services (Part II)

In a previous post, we discussed the first two components in developing a successful pricing model for your contract business. In this next post, we’ll provide further insight on establishing pricing structure that’s competitive, rewarding, and valuable to you and your clients. To achieve this, let’s identify the remaining three key components for correctly charging […]

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How to Charge Clients Correctly for Your Services: Part I

Knowing what to charge for your contractor or small business services is a vital piece of establishing a profitable business. The weight of designing a pricing structure can certainly feel overwhelming, as you want your services to be valuable to your customers and clients, competitive with other similar businesses, sustainable to cover the business’s costs, […]