Combining Tech and Personal Finance

In previous blog posts, we’ve warned about the potential dangers of having your financial information available digitally. However, with modern technology and safety standards, there are many websites and apps that can greatly enhance your personal financial planning.   Apps like Mint, Acorns, Wally, YNAB, and Credit Karma are very popular in 2017 – but […]

Protecting Your Financial Information Online

Thanks to modern technology, it’s more convenient than ever to bank, budget, and invest online. While security for these websites and phone apps is constantly improving, it’s still important to follow safety measures. Our financial planning advisors have a few suggestions to make your online experience secure:   Stay on a Safe Connection. Whenever possible, […]

What Does it Mean to Work with an Independent Financial Advisor?

When choosing who you trust with your financial planning, remember that bigger isn’t always better. Independent financial planners are able to offer unique benefits to their clients by retaining freedom and staying unbiased about the many products on the market. By partnering with a firm like Focus Financial, independent financial advisors have all the resources […]

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Three Questions to Answer for Successful Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is something that we all know we should be doing; however, if you haven’t started yet, you’re not alone. A recent survey from Go Banking Rates found that one in three Americans has no money put away for retirement. Perhaps even more dramatic is the finding that 56% of Americans have less […]

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Roth IRAs vs. Traditional IRAs – Which is Right for You?

Saving for retirement is something we all know we should be doing, but getting started can be intimidating. With so many different investment strategies and packages out there, it’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed at the very thought of retirement savings. Like anything complicated, fully understanding retirement investing strategies begins with learning the basics. Two […]

FAQs About Financial Planning Services That You’re Too Afraid to Ask

If you’re new to financial planning, you may be nervous about what to expect. For many, the most intimidating part is knowing where to start and it’s not uncommon to suffer from decision paralysis as a result. After all, it’s your hard earned money and you want to be sure you make the best decisions […]

Questions to Ask Your Financial Planning Advisor Before Getting Started

Finding the right financial advisor is a search that should not be solely left up to Google. While it may be easy to find any number of financial management companies near you, locating the right investment advisor is a process that should take a good amount of time and research. After all, this is the […]

Do You Know What You Need to Make to Afford a Home Today?

The temperature isn’t the only thing rising this time of year. During the summer months, home buyers come out in droves and the housing market heats up fast! Houses are moving very fast in this competitive market and buyers must move quickly to get the home of their dreams. If you are currently looking to […]

Don’t Let Saving for College Take a Summer Vacation

With graduation in full swing on campuses across the country, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to pay for all of that education. The rising cost of tuition has left many parents and students with no option but to take out student loans, accruing a large amount of debt in the […]

It’s Time to Give Your Tax Documents a Spring Cleaning

One of the fastest growing crimes today is identity theft. With so much of our personal information saved across the internet, it takes very little time and effort for cyber thieves to access and exploit your identity. In mere minutes, a cyber thief can gain access to your personal information and open credit cards and […]