Our Top Three Year-End Tax Strategies

While tax day seems far away, the end of the year is rapidly approaching – and now is the time to put that aspect of your financial planning strategy into action. Make the most of your financial planning advisor’s knowledge by coming up with a smart tax plan. Here are our experts’ top tips for the […]

Is a Financial Planner Right for Me?

Too often, financial planning seems like a “later” or “down the road” decision. It’s easy to make excuses or put it off based on factors like age, family situation, current finances, or your job. In reality, our independent financial advisors serve individuals, families, and employers of all kinds. Ultimately, we believe we can help anyone […]

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Three Things to Consider When Estate Planning Comes Up

The holidays are a time to celebrate loved ones and enjoy happy memories. Thoughts of the future also often come up this time of year as we watch our families grow. As you consider the future, remember one of your greatest resources for the years to come – an independent financial planner. With the right […]

Eliminating Financial Stress

According to a 2016 report by Northwestern Mutual, 85% of Americans experience financial anxiety. If you’re in this majority, you know how much worry can accompany financial planning and decision-making – and even day-to-day money matters. Thankfully, there are realistic steps you can take to reduce your anxiety and get on a stress-free path! Here are […]

Finances and Fiancés – What to Know Before You Get Married

If you’re recently engaged or planning to pop the question soon, congratulations! The months leading up to a wedding can be very exciting, but are also filled with a lot of planning. One of the most essential conversations you can have before saying “I do” is one that many couples put off for too long […]

Beyond Stocks and Your 401(k) – How We Help

When you think of financial management, you probably think of stocks, asset management, and retirement plan services – the technical side of personal finance. While those are certainly areas where an independent financial planner can help, their experience extends far beyond the “technical.” Your advisor can support and guide you on major life decisions about […]

Combining Tech and Personal Finance

In previous blog posts, we’ve warned about the potential dangers of having your financial information available digitally. However, with modern technology and safety standards, there are many websites and apps that can greatly enhance your personal financial planning.   Apps like Mint, Acorns, Wally, YNAB, and Credit Karma are very popular in 2017 – but […]

Protecting Your Financial Information Online

Thanks to modern technology, it’s more convenient than ever to bank, budget, and invest online. While security for these websites and phone apps is constantly improving, it’s still important to follow safety measures. Our financial planning advisors have a few suggestions to make your online experience secure:   Stay on a Safe Connection. Whenever possible, […]

What Does it Mean to Work with an Independent Financial Advisor?

When choosing who you trust with your financial planning, remember that bigger isn’t always better. Independent financial planners are able to offer unique benefits to their clients by retaining freedom and staying unbiased about the many products on the market. By partnering with a firm like Focus Financial, independent financial advisors have all the resources […]

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Three Questions to Answer for Successful Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is something that we all know we should be doing; however, if you haven’t started yet, you’re not alone. A recent survey from Go Banking Rates found that one in three Americans has no money put away for retirement. Perhaps even more dramatic is the finding that 56% of Americans have less […]