Financial Advisors and Asset Management

Create a Strong Asset Management Plan with Expert Financial Planning Advisors

Having a clear picture of your financial situation and a strong, steady growth plan are the ultimate goals of financial management. At some point, it’s likely you’ll want to bring in an expert to assist with some of the more complex aspects of financial management. Working with an asset manager is a great way to […]

Financial Planning and Succession Planning

Prepare for Retirement and Succession with Financial Management Support

As the owner of a business, retirement planning goes far beyond your personal financial management and decisions. Choosing a successor, planning the transition, and preparing for the financial and legal implications of your retirement takes a huge amount of work – so much so that our financial management experts recommend that you begin thinking about succession […]

Retirement Financial Planning

Improve Your Employee Benefits with Retirement Plan Services

Owning your own business can be extremely rewarding, but it does require a lot of work. As your business grows, your responsibilities also grow, and that includes responsibilities that may be outside of your area of expertise. Focus Financial is here to support employers and business owners by clarifying and assisting with some of the financial […]

Financial Management Seminar

Work with our Financial Planning Firm to Improve Employee Education

Beyond providing financial planning services to individuals, Focus Financial is committed to helping business owners elevate their company and support, educate, and retain excellent employees. One way we do this is by giving your employees a valuable, lasting experience with our InSite™ Education Program. How InSite™ Helps Your People This program provides general education on […]

Financial Planning to Buy a Home

It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Move

Is 2018 the year for your next move? Whether you’re moving to a new state for your dream job, adding more rooms for an expanding family, or downsizing now that the kids have moved out, the process of moving is rarely simple or quick. However, working with independent financial advisors – and getting started sooner than […]

Talking to Your Kids about Finance

It’s never too early to introduce your children to money, budgeting, and planning. Talking to your children about financial management sooner than later sets up their future and could help them avoid costly mistakes. Our independent financial planners have a few tips to guide you as you discuss these topics with your kids: Set a […]

Our Top Three Year-End Tax Strategies

While tax day seems far away, the end of the year is rapidly approaching – and now is the time to put that aspect of your financial planning strategy into action. Make the most of your financial planning advisor’s knowledge by coming up with a smart tax plan. Here are our experts’ top tips for the […]

Is a Financial Planner Right for Me?

Too often, financial planning seems like a “later” or “down the road” decision. It’s easy to make excuses or put it off based on factors like age, family situation, current finances, or your job. In reality, our independent financial advisors serve individuals, families, and employers of all kinds. Ultimately, we believe we can help anyone […]

Financial Planning Company, Investment Management Firm

Three Things to Consider When Estate Planning Comes Up

The holidays are a time to celebrate loved ones and enjoy happy memories. Thoughts of the future also often come up this time of year as we watch our families grow. As you consider the future, remember one of your greatest resources for the years to come – an independent financial planner. With the right […]

Eliminating Financial Stress

According to a 2016 report by Northwestern Mutual, 85% of Americans experience financial anxiety. If you’re in this majority, you know how much worry can accompany financial planning and decision-making – and even day-to-day money matters. Thankfully, there are realistic steps you can take to reduce your anxiety and get on a stress-free path! Here are […]