Improve financial health in 2019

Improve Your Personal Financial Health in 2019

In a previous blog post, we discussed some effective strategies to help small business owners take control of their financial planning initiatives in 2019. For this next post, we wanted to focus on how individuals can manage their personal spending habits and debt and also improve their overall financial health well into the new year! […]

woman setting financial goals for her business

A Small Business Owner’s Guide: Setting Financial Goals for 2019

A new year means a fresh start for your business! It’s an opportunity to review the previous year’s performance, sales, and your current brand strategy. It’s also an important time for planning new goals for 2019 and evaluating your company’s financial health. At Focus Financial, we help business owners create financial planning goals that align […]

Holiday spending tips to stay on track this season.

How to Plan and Keep Your Holiday Spending in Check This Season

Tis the season of giving—and sometimes overspending! As the holiday season gets closer, stores are filling up with one-day sales, limited-time offers, and exclusive savings when you sign up for a member’s card. This all sounds tempting. And you may start to feel that if you don’t act fast, you’ll miss the best deals before […]

Women thinking about her financial planning strategy

How Open Enrollment Affects Your Financial Planning Strategy

Every November, individuals across the United States are assigned the task of reviewing their current medical coverage and deciding whether or not to switch healthcare plans. This is an important time of year for everyone— and for more reasons than may you think. The obvious reason is to find an affordable healthcare plan that covers […]

Asset allocation planning for young professionals

A Young Investor’s Guide to Asset Allocation

As a young professional, you’ve probably heard the terms asset allocation, risk tolerance, or portfolio management, especially if you’re enrolled in your employer-provided 401 (k) plan. In fact, you may already be making high-risk investments now, but are you proactively managing your portfolio? And if your long-term goals were to change, do you know which […]

Deciding to switch financial planning firms after a move

Moving? How to Decide Whether or Not to Switch Financial Planning Firms

Relocating to a new state, whether for career advancement or personal reasons, involves many important tasks. Changing your driver’s license, registering a new address, and even finding a new dentist is all part of the moving process. But if you currently have a financial advisor who helps you manage your investments and retirement planning, should […]

Minnesota financial advisors will help refresh your retirement to-do list

How to Refresh Your Retirement To-Do List

Are you missing out on critical investment opportunities that can improve your retirement options? If you’re between 5 to 10 years away from retiring, you may be wondering whether you’re financial planning strategy is on the right track. Aside from planning your estate and managing your assets, there’s a lot to consider in your 40s and […]

Employee receiving financial education from independent financial advisor

Setting Your Business Up for Future Success: The Benefits of Financial Education

The key to future success for any business is financial education. Whether you own a small business or large corporation, having access to educational resources that promote a clearer understanding of retirement planning and asset management strategies will allow you to make better-informed decisions related to your financial planning goals. Further, if your employees receive […]

Financial management strategies can protect your small business against fraud

Financial Management Strategies that Help Protect Your Small Business Against Fraud

If you’re a business owner with less than 100 employees, it may surprise you that smaller-sized businesses are more vulnerable to fraudulent activities than larger companies. Why the discrepancy? Well, for one thing, small businesses typically have less checks and balances in place to monitor financial fraud, whether it be from an employee, vendor, or […]

Have a financial planning advisor help you improve your credit score

How a Financial Planning Advisor Can Improve Your Credit Score

You credit score plays a vital role in your financial planning strategy. In fact, having a healthy credit score affects more than just your ability to apply for a mortgage or purchase a vehicle. It also impacts your long-term retirement planning goals. Take, for example, you have a credit score lower than 600. When you […]