What Does it Mean to Work with an Independent Financial Advisor?

When choosing who you trust with your financial planning, remember that bigger isn’t always better. Independent financial planners are able to offer unique benefits to their clients by retaining freedom and staying unbiased about the many products on the market. By partnering with a firm like Focus Financial, independent financial advisors have all the resources they need while still keeping the critical benefits of independence:


  1. It’s Flexible

One of the biggest benefits of working with independent financial advisors is their ability to choose from the entire spectrum of products. Too many financial planning firms require their advisors to push certain families of funds or products, greatly limiting the ability of the advisor to offer the best possible solution to their clients. Independent financial planners do not have company goals, product sales goals, or quotas – they have the flexibility and freedom to choose the right product for you.

  1. It’s Personal

Independent financial advisors are also entrepreneurs and small business owners, and understand the value of a satisfied client. After all, this isn’t just a job – it’s their passion and livelihood. As such, you can expect to work with a highly relational professional who takes their work very seriously and is motivated to put you in the best position they can. They truly work for YOU.

  1. It’s Focused

Independence means YOU are always the focus. Independent financial advisors are held to the fiduciary standard, which means they are legally required to put your interest first as the client. Moreover, the advisor doesn’t hold the money they advise you on and most follow a much less complex fee structure than large firms. All this means that external factors fade away so that your needs become the center of attention.


You succeed when your independent financial planner has the freedom, drive, and focus to put you first.


At Focus Financial, each individual in our network of dedicated independent financial advisors holds to our core values. When you find a financial advisor at any one of our many convenient locations, you know that advisor chooses to put the client first, to be trustworthy, and to deliver expertise. Focus Financial supports independent financial advisors so that they can best support you.

Your life and financial needs are unique – make sure you work with a professional who treats your needs as such and provides tailored financial planning services that always put you first.